WantedTimur Bekmambetov, Russian director of Night Watch (the cool-looking but possibly terrible vampire/horror/action flick we discussed yesterday), has signed a deal with Universal to helm his first English-language film. The movie, Wanted, is based on a series of comic books by Mark Millar. In the series, "a nebbishy white-collar worker who discovers his father is the world's most evil supervillain." Um, ok. That sounds sort of awesome, actually. After his really, really evil dad is murdered, "the son is recruited into a covert organization and trained to take up his father's legacy."

Wow. So wait - he goes to the dark side, instead of reclaiming his family honor by fighting the evil his father wrought? How refreshingly (and weirdly) not-very-Hollywood! Could someone familiar with the comics fill us in a little bit here, both in terms of plot and visual style? Do you think they would translate well on film?
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