Peter PanAccording to The Guardian, Disney's follow-up to the surprisingly successful Chicken Little will be Peter and the Starcatchers, a Peter Pan prequel. The movie will be based on Dave Barry (yes, that Dave Barry) and Ridley Pearson's wildly successful children's book of the same name, and will explain how Peter got his powers (and, hopefully, all the green gear). In the book, Peter is an orphan "who becomes a stowaway on a merchant ship in order to avoid a life of servitude." On the ship, he "finds a trunk full of a magical substance that enables people to fly" and is eventually called upon to use his find to save the ship from hijackers.

Given the fact that the book spent nearly all of last year on the best-seller list, Disney's made an intelligent choice here. In addition to the kids who read the book, of course, there are also hoards of older folks who grew up with J. M. Barrie's novel and will at least be interested in the story of Starcatchers. No word yet from Disney as to when they hope to have the movie in theaters.
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