Chuck Dixon is one of the best and most popular writers to ever captain the Punisher ship for Marvel Comics. Recently on his homepage Dixonverse, Chuck let the world know what he would have done if he had been in charge of a Punisher movie - and man, what he has to say makes you wish he would have been the guy doing the film. He says that his biggest problem is that movie Frank was played as a detective rather than a soldier. “My Punisher would have killed John Travolta as soon as he knew Travolta was the one who ordered his family killed. He wouldn't have investigated and then set up an overly-elaborate sting operation. The movie spent far too much time treading water.” Dixon lays out his own idea for a movie. He says in his version, Frank would have discovered who was responsible and then gone through his stronghold “like Ex-Lax.” Travolta would have been the only survivor, and would have ran to the witness protection program for safety. Frank would then hunt down H. Saint while avoiding doing any damage to the good guys.

While you might think that story sounds a bit ridiculous, you’ve got to admit it sounds beautifully Punisher. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to pray to the comic book gods* that if another Punisher movie ever exists (and the way sequels are happening these days, who knows), Chuck Dixon somehow miraculously gets chosen as scriptwriter, director, or both.


*Those of you who read the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine know that the comic book god of Marvel is Jack Kirby. The Four met him in heaven once. He was The Creator. It was beautiful.

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