Disney, for one of the few times in recent memory, has made a decision that makes me rather happy. They currently own the rights to most of Roger (B-Movie King) Corman’s movies and plan to distribute them via Beuna Vista Home Entertainment throughout the next few years, with- this is the great part- director’s commentary attached to dozens of them! Corman is not planning on doing a lot of prep work for the commentaries- he says he likes to do them “fresh,” and he’s hoping to pull in other people involved with the films as often as possible to join him. The first round will hit stores on Dec. 13, and will include Death Race 2000, with a commentary Corman recorded with star Mary Woronov.

This man is, in many ways, a legend in his own time, and a very entertaining character. Even if you don’t enjoy the B-quality fun of his films, his commentary should be worth the price of a rental. I myself plan on buying and thoroughly enjoying several of them.

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