• beyondthevalleyofthedolls.jpgRob Cohen, the genius who brought you both XXX and Stealth, has signed on to direct a biopic on that late, legendary purveyor of softcore, Russ Meyer. The film will be based on a book by Jimmy McDonough, calledBig Bosoms and Square Jaws: The Biography of Russ Meyer, King of the Sex Film. Cohen is uniquely qualified for the job; as a 23-year-old studio flunky, he was in charge of recutting Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (directed by Meyer and scripted by none other than Roger Ebert) for syndication.
  • Fox 2000 has picked up the rights to John Nance's as-yet-unpublished novel, Orbit. The story tracks "a civilian who wins the chance to join a space shuttle flight, only to find himself alone and adrift in space when the rest of the crew dies." Shelden Turner will write the script, and Jennifer Klein will produce.
  • I love Diane Keaton, but she has never looked scarier.
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