WeinsteinsThose wily Weinstein boys are at it again. This time, they're moving to distribute their own films on DVD and home vid, rather than partnering with a studio on distribution. To faciliate this, the Weinsteins have inked a deal with Genius Products, Inc, which includes Wellspring Media and its 700+ title library. The deal will include both theatrical release-to-DVD and direct-to-DVD projects. Even better, the Weinsteins will own 70% of the new venture, to be called Genius Products, LLC, while the original Genius Products gets a measly 30%. Sweet deal for the boys.

The Weinsteins have been all over the place lately - pimping products in their films, inking a deal to use only L'Oreal makeup products in their films, and lining up sugar daddies to finance their new company - including a $10 million sugar lump from Mark Cuban, who has his own 2929 Entertainment to worry about. Cuban has a similar home-DVD distribution plan. Wonder why the Weinsteins didn't partner with Cuban/Wagner's HDNet Films on a DVD distribution venture? Maybe they just really wanted those 700 Wellspring titles.

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