MunichJeffrey Wells raises an interesting point regarding the upcoming Steven Spielberg drama Munich. He points to the current issue of Time Magazine that features a cover story, Q&A  and review spotlighting the director and his latest movie, all by Time columnist and critic Richard Schickel. In the introduction to the Q&A, it's noted that Schickel and Spielberg worked together on a documentary called Shooting War. So how, Wells asks, is Schickel not guilty of a major conflict of interest here? How are we supposed to assign any sort of journalistic credibility to his interview or critical merit to his review when he's collaborated with the subject? I think that's a good question for the entire entertainment media industry to be asking themselves. When you get that comfy in bed with the subject you're covering in a business relationship there comes a time when you begin to lose what journalistic high-ground you might have had.