Ralphie Christmas StoryYou know it's December when cable starts running my fave Christmas flick, A Christmas Story. This film, in which young Ralphie has many misadventures while wishing for an air rifle for Christmas, always makes me laugh, even the 335th time I've seen it in a month. Over at Blogging Baby, Jay Allen gives us his six favorite moments from the film, including the tragical shattering of the leg lamp. And down at AdJab, Bob Sassone points us to A Christmas Gory, a wicked, twisted take on Ralphie and Company.

I love A Christmas Story because the family is flawed and funny. The dad cusses up a storm and has a love affair with a racy leg lamp, the mom puts Lava soap in her kids' mouths if they say the F-word, and the kid brother won't eat and hides under the kitchen sink. Combine that with the kid freezing his tongue to the light pole, the evil Santa and his snarky elf, and my personal favorite scene - Ralphie beating the shit out of bully Scut Farkus, and you have all the makings of a merry Christmas. What movies say "yup, it's the holidays, alright" to you?

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