dreamworks.jpgIs this why it took me all week to get a Dreamworks publicist on the phone? Variety is reporting that the Viacom board have agreed to purchase the struggling studio founded by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen. Whispers started last summer that the movie factory, whose live action unit has fallen far behind the animation division in recent years, would likely sell to NBC/Universal for something like $1 billion. Though Paramount was at one point considered a viable, if less-visible suitor, more recently word had spread that they were pulling out of contention, in fear that such an acquisition would be too financially demanding for a company currently engaged in a massive corporate split. But if early word on this deal is correct, Sumner Redstone and friends have agreed to pay at least 150% of the figure bandied about in connection with the NBC deal. Paramount are themselves hurting for a hit, after the one-two flopout of Get Rich or Die Tryin' and Aeon Flux; through this deal, they'll handle distribution of Dreamworks' live action and (potentially much more lucrative) animated content.

It's pretty sneaky to leak this kind of big news late on a Friday night, but we can only imagine that there will be more details come Monday morning. Feel free to return to your regularly scheduled weekend.
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