• drewbarrymore.jpgDrew Barrymore's Flower Films is in the process of setting up He Loves Me at Warner Brothers, and it's said that Ms. Barrymore is eyeing a starring role. Drew Barrymore in a psychological thriller? Was box office on Fever Pitch THAT bad?
  • David O. Russell will produceRex Mex, from a spec script by Shawn Patrick, for Paramount. The script follows "a pro basketball player who flees to Mexico to avoid dangerous creditors and ends up hiding in the country's hoops league."
  • The New York Times has just launched a new awards web site, and Steven Zeitchik is skeptical. "[I]t's hard not to view the Times blogging move as part of a strategy to prevent its recently launched TimesSelect, which puts columnists behind the pay wall, from causing a dip in traffic." Not to mention those For Your Consideration ads...

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