James Bond; Sean ConneryFirst came the news that Judi Dench was going to be M in Casino Royale. While we here at Cinematical love pretty much all the Dames, a chick running things in the macho world of Bond #1? Not true to the mood of the book, despite the production team's assurances that the movie would in fact return to that darker world.
And now we hear that Bond himself, a chain-smoker in Ian Fleming's novel, won't light up in the movie. Not once. Because, though they want James to be tough and hot and old school and everything, we mustn't forget that "Hollywood [must] set an example [for] young people." Um, what? Since when, exactly? Have you seen Sin City? How about American Pie?

In addition to this further sign of infidelity to Fleming, director Martin Campbell has admitted that he's having a bit of difficulty sorting out how to film what is apparently one of the most famous scenes in the novel: the one in which "007's enemy, Le Chiffre, 'tenderizes' the hero's private parts with a cane carpet-beater." Oh my. Yeah, showing that and simultaneously setting a good example for young people is going to be a bit of challenge.
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