HellboyJust a few days ago, all corners (including this one) of the internets were all abuzz with the news that producer Peter Jackson had asked Guillermo del Toro to direct Halo. Based on del Toro's work on The Devil's Backbone, Blade II, and Hellboy (Me, I loved Mimic. Why does no one ever talk about that movie?), the general reaction to the story ranged from pleased to ecstatic. Sadly, however, it's probably not going to happen.

While del Toro officially confirmed that Jackson has indeed approached him about helming Halo, the director is fully committed to Hellboy 2 and is unwilling to postpone his work on that film to make Halo. He is, however, interested in Halo (for the obvious reasons: "because it’s so full of monsters") and has been talking to Universal about it. The problem is that, as Mark Erik pointed out, both Hellboy 2 and Halo are on the fast track to production. So, unless Halo is unexpectedly postponed, the dream of del Toro is dead.

[via Cinema Blend]
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