George HamiltonIncluded in the recently-announced pile of victims contestants for the second season of Dancing with the Stars is a handful of actors. In addition to model-who-acts Tia Carrere and Lisa "Billie #1 on Days" Rinna, ABC have managed to land themselves both an icon (if only in an ironic sense) and an Oscar winner. The first, of course, is the great and powerful George Hamilton, who, much like William Shatner, has learned in his maturity to take advantage of the strange, largely baseless affection we as a nation have developed for him. The second is Tatum O'Neal who won an Oscar at 10 freaking years old for her work in Paper Moon. Yeah. What were you doing at 10?

The full cast list can be found at TVSquad - me, I'm rooting for George. I hope he at least avoids falling down.
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