Fountain graphic novelAs Karina mentioned the other day, Darren Aronofsky has been more than little bit distracted when it comes to getting The Fountain ready for release, and it's anybody's guess when (if?) we'll get to see the damn thing. For those you with a hardcore Fountain Jones, however, there's a fix available: the graphic novel is now for sale.

The book is a consumer-raping giant, hardback beast, but it does (sort of)* tell the story of the movie via some crazy stylized artwork by Kent Williams. So, if you need your Fountain, there it is. If, however, you're a little wary of spending $39.99 on a graphic novel, you can get an abbreviated look at it thanks to DC Comics, which is offering a multi-page preview for download.

*In a November interview with Ain't it Cool News, Aronofsky described the book this way: "It’s completely different than the film, so it won’t ruin the film. It just kind of adds to the mythology of the story, because it’s Kent Williams’s take on the script."
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