Harold and KumarIt looks like Harold and Kumar are coming back to a theater near you, however, this time they're not going to White Castle. The highly anticipated (depending on how stoned you are or were) Harold and Kumar go to Amsterdam appears to be on the fast track and Kal Penn (Kumar) told MTV that discussions are definitely underway. Totally awesome! Apparently there's an option that's about to expire forcing the filmmakers (who own the rights to the franchise) to put down the bong and get this movie made. Penn also let on that a third Harold and Kumar may happen depending on how well the movies do in theaters and on DVD. He says, "I heard they were thinking about Vegas. John [Cho, who plays Harold] and I are both, obviously, committed to doing at least two more, but whether or not they happen is not up to us." Personally, I enjoyed the White Castle flick (kind of), but I cannot see them holding onto this shtick and keeping it funny for two more films. What do you think?
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