Farrelly brothersSo, according to Zap2It, the Farrelly brothers have been planning forever to do a Three Stooges movie. Why the hell didn't you guys tell us this? I had no idea. According to Peter Farrelly, who last week was talking Stooges instead of promoting his Special Olympics-endorsed production The Ringer, the movie might finally be becoming a reality.

Though Farrelly and his brother Bobby reportedly have had a Stooges screenplay ready for "two or three years," the pair only recently engaged in serious talks with 20th Century Fox about getting the project off the ground. According to Farrelly, the current script is organized into four "episodes," designed to break up "all the smacking," thus enabling sensitive viewers to successfully sit through the movie. Which is, you know, always a good goal for a screenplay.

Despite various outrageous casting rumors - from she-Stooges to Benicio del Toro; from Sean Penn to George Clooney - the current feeling is that all the Stooges will be played by unknowns, possibly found through "a nationwide talent search." (Just take a second to imagine those casting calls. How much nyuk-ing do you think you could take?) As Farrelly himself points out, when you're trying to finance a movie about people hitting one another, it's hard to get studios to see the "point in spending an extra $20 million on the stars."

So, Stooges fans, talk to us - is this as sacreligious as it sounds? Are any of you actually looking forward to this flick?
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