Chris RockIs it just us and our pals at TV Squad, or is the news that Chris Rock isn't hosting the Oscars just...painfully boring? Yeah, so Rock pissed off Sean Penn last time by being snarky about Jude Law. Since when does Penn need an excuse to be pissed off and sanctimonious? Anyhow, apparently Rock's publicist felt it was fascinating news (yawn). Wake us when they announce who the real host is going to be.

Who do you think should host the Oscars? Who would make it really interesting? Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder? Sarah Silverman? Denis Leary? Jon Stewart? Madonna? Regis (god forbid) Philbin? Eminem? Ryan Seacrest? Oprah and Dave Letterman - together?!? Give us your vote for who should host the Oscars. Not that you care, really, but hey, it's the weekend. What better time to think about something as meaningless as this?