Gloria EstefanCuban singer Gloria Estefan is venturing into what could be dangerous ground - the movie biz. Estefan says she has finished writing a script about a female American pop singer in the 1950s, and she is currently shopping the script around to see who wants it (anyone? anyone?). No one is currently attached to produce or direct the film, but Estefan hopes it will star Danny DeVito -- presumably NOT in the role of the female singer, because that would just be a little too freaky.

The bigger question for me is whether Estefan intends to play the lead role herself, thus heading into that dicey pop singer-turning-actress territory. Estefan has acted before (anyone remember Music of the Heart? ), but we've seen such hideous results from with other pop stars forays into film: Mariah Carey in Glitter, Britney in Crossroads, Ashlee Simpson in Undiscovered, Madonna in...well, in everything Madonna has starred in. Can anyone think of a pop star who's made a truly successful transition to the film biz?

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