MI: 3Okay, so I've been watching this bad boy for about a day now because I knew the footage was out there somewhere. At first, Dark Horizons broke with it, but then removed their link after it went dead. Then came word that this footage was going to be shown on Entertainment Tonight this coming Monday, so I thought we'd all have to wait until then. However, this is the internet and 48 hours is way too long to wait for a lot of people. That's right folks - here is your MI:3 footage! Thanks to Twitch for actually finding a link that wasn't busted. It appears as if this will be the spot that will run on Entertainment Tonight on Monday and it features a few clips from the blockbuster sequel. Pic will follow Ethan Hunt (Cruise) as he travels around the world trying to save someone or something from, well, we don't know yet. Directed by J.J. Abrams, they've managed to add some kick ass talent for the third installment including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Simon Pegg, Laurence Fishburne and Billy Crudup. Looks good to me. What about you?
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