HostelI've been having a really hard time figuring out why the internets are so excited about Hostel. I know people dig gory terror and all, and sure, Quentin Tarantino is doing that whole "Presented by" thing with this one, but was Cabin Fever (director Eli Roth's previous feature) really that good? I just don't get the anticipation. Or I didn't, until now - the unveiling of this new poster has cleared things up. Four words, people: Super. Hot. Foreign. Chick. When you're that gorgeous, I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter too much if you can act. Plus, I'm sure she screams well, and that's probably pretty much all the movie needs.

Also on offer over at AICN this morning is the (apparently) really, really exciting new poster for Mission: Impossible III. Check it out: The title! And a giant match! Woo hoo! Ok, talk to me here  - is this really a big deal? I know MI3 is the land of hype and all (nothing wrong with that), but, come on - it's a poster. With no images whatsoever from the film! So what's the allure?

[Thanks to FinishedLawSchool for the push to post this.]
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