CacheMichael Haneke's thriller Caché has had an incredibly successful year: in addition to winning him best director honors at Cannes, the film swept the European Film Awards, coming home with five trophies, including those for best picture, best director and best actor. On top of these honors, Caché has been the subject of endless critical discussion every time it appears at a festival, and is generally regarded as an incredibly powerful film.

Happily, Sony Pictures Classics picked it up for US distribution, and the film will go into limited release here early next year. In what I presume is an effort to raise awareness of the film on our shores, a teaser was recently been rolled out. The problem is, however, that it's awful - boring, confusing, awkwardly edited. Really, it's hideous. I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie and adore star Daniel Auteuil, and yet the thing barely held my attention. I mean, I sincerely think that if this teaser runs in (arthouse) theaters, it will actually drive away people who were thinking about seeing the film. If any of you are curious about Caché, check the link below and let us know what you think. (I'll be quite relieved if you report that you were riveted).
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