A Scanner DarklyAccording to a tip received by the lovely and charming David Hudson over at GreenCine Daily, Radiohead just may be about to score their first film. And this isn't just any movie, it's Richard Linklater's adaptation of Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly. Whoa.

Granted, this is a Rumor with a capital "R," but it's pretty exciting to consider. Hell, I'm an evil Linklater hater and even I would go see one of his movies if Thom Yorke had written the music. Dick is a genius at creating self-contained, eminently believable worlds, which is exactly what Radiohead's best music does - this is a proverbial marriage made in heaven. Plus, the Radiohead-free trailer is already interesting, if you ignore the Winona Ryder emoting at the end. Man. If only one weird rumor turns out to be true this year, I sure as hell hope it's this one.
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