With King Kong, Peter Jackson shows himself to be at once a peerless conjurer of cinematic dreams and a born publicity man who knows how to oil the tracks before his show rolls into town. The latest issue of Vanity Fair proves this with the tale it recounts of a pilgrimage taken by the director and his female lead to New York in advance of the film's shooting, where they sought out a personal audience with 96-year old Fay Wray to negotiate terms for the hand-over of the Kong legacy. The old pro played her final part to perfection, at first swooning with disbelief that anyone would dare mount a Kong production without her and jealously withholding the tap of her dubbing sword until the last possible moment, when she pulled Naomi Watts aside and whispered an endorsement of palm-worthiness. "Holy Mackerel, what a show!" Carl Denham might say.

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