An integral part of the American Christmas experience is the television holiday special. Many of these shows have earned a permanent place in the collective heart of the American conscience; they make us smile, feel warm inside, and think about simpler, better times. And then, there is the Star Wars Holiday Special – which makes us smile, but only because we are laughing at the utter horror. We laugh to avoid the pain.

This special only aired once, and was immediately hidden deep in the archives, as all persons involved attempted very hard to forget about its existence. The only way its been viewed since that initial, infamous airing is thanks to a small collection of people who recorded it on their home VCRs and then sent the tapes into circulation, passing them from fan to fan in a strange network of geeks and masochists who feel some need to view the atrocity. I have recalled here for you some of the moments that I find particularly terrible (and often amusing) from the Holiday Special. So, without further ado, Cinematical presents The Seven Worst Moments of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

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