johnlennon.jpgWhilst you'd think, after 40 years, the press would have tired of hating on Yoko Ono, there's nothing but evidence to the contrary in today's NY Post. Page Six is reporting that Chapter 17, the Mark David Chapman movie starring alleged lovebirds Jared Leto and Lindsay Lohan, has been barred from shooting at the Dakota, the apartment complex where John Lennon lived and was killed 25 years ago last week. Yoko Ono still lives in the building, and Dakota security, presumably acting in her interests, have allegedly chased the film's crew off the premises numerous times. Even those not involved with the filming of the film are having trouble getting into the Dakota; a real estate broker told the gossiip sheet that she and her clients have been asked to fill out reams of paperwork before obtaining access. The same article also alleges that Yoko willfully tinkered with the arrangements for a Lennon and McCartney reunion.
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