• If you are interested in Sci-Fi Channel's retelling of the Painkiller Janecomic, you can find a brief interview with it's star Emmanuelle Vaugier here. She doesn't really have much interesting to say, except noting that she's read very little of the actual comic, and she liked the role of Jane because it allowed her to learn more about martial arts, weapons, and certain kinds of training. She also says she'd love to see the movie develop into a full time series. Fans of the comic book, would you love to see that as well?
  • Apparently, a trailer for TV's Blade was shown during the recent Video Game Awards show. Word is, if you keep your eye on Spike TV, you'll probably see it a few more times. Stay tuned here for updates about where to find it on the Web, once it makes its way here. You can see what fans had to say about it here.
  • In non-movie (but still comic book and visual entertainment news), Teen Titansis apparently out and the Boy Wonder may be joining the cast of the (recently re-optioned) Batmananimated series.
  • Also (unrelated to TV), Harry Knowles apparently thinks V is for Vendetta is really cool. Take that as you will.

[via CBR]

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