Oliver StoneBecause of both his desire to tread lightly on New York's memories and the city's strict refusal to allow him to shoot his untitled 9/11 film below Canal Street, Oliver Stone has recreated Ground Zero and its surroundings in Los Angeles.

By all accounts (well, one account - the set is closed, and the New York Times is the only publication so far that has been allowed to visit and take photographs), the location has been reproduced so carefully that, while it will certainly make for a realistic movie, it's also disturbing to enter for the first time. According to production designer Jan Roelfs, "You know it so well, suddenly you stand in the middle of it, and God - it's awful." Shooting at the location begins soon, and though the set is far from New York, concerns about the movie will certainly continue until it is finally released next summer.

How do you guys feel about this movie? Have you thought yet about if you'll see it? Considering the question this morning, I'm honestly not sure. I theoretically agree with the idea that we shouldn't culturally pretend 9/11 (or any other awful event) didn't happen, but I was surprised to realize that I don't know if I could sit in a movie theater and watch it again.

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