Star Wars Holiday SpecialIf Mark didn't convince you to stay far, far away from the Star Wars Holiday Special ... well, you may be beyond hope. Still, no matter why you're curious, you can find all sorts of goodies on the Web related to this travesty of a holiday special.
  •—Who knew someone would devote an entire Web site to details about this show? We all knew that, I suppose, deep down. The site is written in a straightforward, non-snarky style without being too earnestly fannish. This is a good site if you are at all interested in the minutiae of the show's plot, a complete list of characters, links to the actual script, and many still photos.
  • Chewie's Star Wars Holiday Special—Killing Time Pictures made this short film to screen before a festival presentation of the notorious special. It's not the most sophisticated comedy, but it's certainly funnier than the original special. Also, much shorter (less than 4 minutes). I think I like Luke best of all ... or maybe Han's rubber duckie.
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