MunichHere we go: Steven Spielberg's Munich, which the director likes to call "a prayer for peace," is offending some Israelis. According to Israel's consul-general in LA, the film is "a 'superficial,' 'pretentious' and 'problematic' work that draws an incorrect moral equation between Mossad [the Israeli secret service] agents and Palestinian terrorists." Uh oh. Furthermore, he's troubled by the fact that Spielberg feels equipped "to treat a painful decades-long conflict by means of quite superficial statements in a movie."

Additionally, there have also been rumblings of discontent about, among other things, Spielberg's use of George Jonas' Vengeance as a source, despite the fact that the book's interpretation of the 1972 Olympics tragedy has reportedly been discredited.

Munich goes into limited release just before Christmas and opens wide early next year.
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