The IncrediblesStarting this Wednesday, the Museum of Modern Art in New York will be presenting a new show called Pixar: 20 Years of Animation. The exhibition is based around a collection of over 500 pieces that are being shown outside of the Pixar studios for the first time, and is reportedly "the most extensive gallery exhibition that MoMA has ever devoted to" animation. Among the pieces on show will be "paintings, concept art, sculptures, and an array of digital installations," which will allow the clueless among us a glimpse into how Pixar actually makes those little bits of genius (word on the street is that it's not magic).

In addition to the gallery elements of the exhibit, MoMA is also presenting a complete retrospective (including shorts) of Pixar films. Woo hoo! The schedule is here - each film is paired with shorts, and will be shown about four times over the course of the show, which runs through February 6.
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