tookiewilliams.jpgInsert tasteless Terminator joke ... here. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has denied a clemency appeal from Stanley "Tookie" Williams, the alleged founder of the Crips gang and a resident of San Quentin's death row. Williams, who maintains that he's not responsible for the murders he's been convicted of carrying out, will be executed tonight. A clutch of stars came out in support of Williams last week, including Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx. "Tookie" was sentenced to death in 1981, but is said to have found some kind of redemption during his 24 years in jail; he's authored several children's books, and has become about as vocal an anti-gang advocate as one can be from inside prison. Williams was even nominated for two Nobel prizes – one for peace, one for literature – and saw his life story turned into a film last year, starring Foxx. Williams refused the opportunity for a last meal, and asked that his friends and family not be allowed to watch him die. That hasn't kept the media, however, from converging on the prison; there will be press, tonight, inside the execution chamber.
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