Sin CityAs if you needed to be reminded, the Incredibly Great, Super-Special, Mind-Blowingly Wild and Uncut Sin City DVD comes out today. Really - it's totally better than the one you already bought (though not, of course, as good as the one you'll have to buy six months from now). Included among the flood of special features are commentaries by Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Taratino, and creator Frank Miller, three complete version of the movie (one of which is a very cool-sounding high-speed look at the film, sans-effects), and footage of...Bruce Willis' band! Woo hoo!

Just in case your DVDs haven't yet arrived for your favorite etailer, there are some clips of Rodriguez's recut version of the movie (which includes 23 extra minutes) available online, so you can watch them over and over and over until the mailman comes.