Alan CummingAlan Cumming, apparently confident that his career as a fragrance maven is now established enough to stand on its own, has turned his attention back to the silver screen. And he ain't going small: the actor is both directing and starring in Suffering Man's Charity, a low-budget dark comedy. The movie, which also features undead David Boreanaz, crazy Anne Heche, and alien pal Henry Thomas, focuses on Cumming's character, who "accidentally" kills Boreanaz one night, only to find that the dead guy had written a novel. Not surprisingly, given that it's a dark comedy and all, Cumming publishes and takes credit for the work, a decision which - also unsurprisingly - "comes back to haunt him."

What makes this project sound potentially interesting (apart Cumming's description of the script as so dark that it "made me gasp"), is the director's list of wildly diverse films that are influencing him on the project: Sunset Blvd., Martin Donovan's Apartment Zero, and Grey Gardens.
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