Dan GlickmanWhile speaking at an industry convention in Beijing, MPAA darling, Dan Glickman, urged the Chinese to crack down on movie piracy and let more American films play in their theaters. Glickman hopes progress can be made on these fronts in time for the 2008 Olympics. He also said something about more Chinese films playing in American theaters, and then suspiciously coughed a word into this hand that almost sounded like "bullshit." According to a pirated {cough} advanced copy of Glickman's speech, he compared China's intense crackdown on counterfeit Olympic goods to that of illegal movies. He explains, "The value of that intellectual property is worth protecting for all film producers, everywhere. It's the same value that exists for that independent Chinese filmmaker who was in my office and for all the other filmmakers from around Asia and the world whose collective creative spirit is such a commodity." On average, 14 American films play in Chinese theaters each year. If by 2008, that number does not go up, expect Dan Glickman to invade that country commando-style with an eye patch and a fist full of questionable intentions.
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