HostelAs JoBlo points out, the buzz around Eli Roth's Hostel is starting to sound a lot like the build-up to Saw. Until the movie comes out, of course, we won't know if it sounds that way because the people promoting it are trying very, very hard to artificially create a Saw of their own, or if the movie is actually good and is creating its own noise. Either way, I know you horror people are stoked.

In order to get you even more excited, a brief new clip is now available online. Unlike the TV teasers that have recently surfaced, this is an unbroken, one minute clip of the film. There's a lot of swearing and scariness, but it's also very well done. Suffice to say that I'm really, really sorry I just watched it and am feeling both frightened and a little bit sick. Also, I will never stay in a hostel again. Not ever.
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