Jude LawJude Law has signed on to play Cameron Diaz's love interest in Nancy Meyers' romantic comedy, Holiday. Joining Law and Diaz will be Kate Winslet and Jack Black. Word is that casting for Holiday has been hectic and many agents are in need of a real holiday now that this thing is done. Although there's been a ton of table readings and screen tests, somehow Cameron Diaz still managed to snag a role. Whether or not a gun was held to someone's head remains to be seen at this point in time. Oh, and spare me the "We love Cameron and started a super awesome fan club so that everyone in the world would worship her" comments. This girl needs to be on screen just like I need to spend 30 bucks for a soda and miniature popcorn. Story will revolve around the relationship between two women with guy problems. Fact: Whichever girl winds up with Jude Law in the end will need to seriously consider staying at home and watching the kids herself.
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