spiderman3.jpgHow long does it take to cast a superhero movie? Apparently, like nine months, because even though a few big ticket stars signed on in early summer, Spiderman 3 is still luring supporting players into its web (ha. web. ha.) The latest actor to join the cast is Adrian Lester. You may remember him from The Day After Tomorrow or, if like me, Jake Gyllenhaal renders you blind to all costars, possible Primary Colors. It looks like Lester will join the anti-Spidey brigade, although details are still vague. "I haven't even had a script yet," he says. "All I know is that I'm playing a research scientist who tries to cure the baddie of whatever badness he's got. I don't even know who the new baddie is!" Well, we sort of do – but as far as how Lester fits into those plans, we'll just have to wait and see.
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