Lake BellI'm sure Colin Farrell's publicist is thrilled about this: the very day that he checks into rehab for "exhaustion" (uh huh), his cop movie is again in the news. Nice. Said cop film, you may recall, is Pride and Glory, a drama that "revolves around a three-generation family of officers torn apart by a corruption scandal." Farrell plays Jimmy Egan, a "tough cop" who turns out to be involved in corruption that just happens to be under investigation by his brother-in-law. That'll make for a nice Christmas. Already in the cast with Farrell are Nick Nolte, Samantha Morton, and Edward Norton (who plays the brother-in-law). The key role of Egan's wife, however, is still not cast (no idea who Morton plays, but it ain't Mrs. Egan).

This morning, though, comes the news that Lake Bell is in negotiations to play the role. Ok, that's just weird - Bell is widely thought to have been just awful on Boston Legal, a fact that was often ephasized by the talent around her. Why would she be cast in such a central role? Has the woman undergone some sort of transformation of which I'm unaware? If not, her boobs remain impressive - I guess that's something.
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