Wedding CrashersAdmit it: you missed your chance to see Wedding Crashers on the big screen and, now that you've seen those pictures of star Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston seven billion times, you've realized that you need to give him another chance. (What, that's only me?) Either way, today is our lucky day, because the clever marketing people at New Line are offering us one last opportunity to see Vince and his buddy Wilson #2 in all their massive glory. Thank goodness.

The movie comes out on DVD on January 3, and in an admirable effort to whip fans into a frenzy of anticipation, New Line is showing it in 100 theaters the night of January 2. The screenings, which will include special features from the DVD, will be held in select cities. Go here to see if your area is included, and to buy tickets if you're one of the lucky ones.
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