• thenewworld.jpgThe bloggy world is loving Terrence Malick's latest, The New World. First, Reverse Shot " "could call The New World the best film of the year, but that seems somehow an impotent gesture. For, inasmuch as it is largely unlike any recent films ... it remains in a class by itself." It's also the "unanimous 2005 Film of the Year" over at Slant. Me and pretty much everyone I know who hasn't yet seen it goes on Thursday, and we can't wait.
  • Three IFC News writers pump out their best lists: Andrea Meyer picks Cache as number one, Matt Singer likes Last Days, and Alison Willmore chooses 2046. Meanwhile, Matthew Ross at Filmmaker offers a defense of King Kong, which is getting great reviews just as it's being left off of most critic's lists. "If this isn't pure cinema," Ross wonders, "What is?"
  • It has come to my attention that I owe WOW's Moye Ishimoto $50. Sigh. Serves me right me for underestimating my own sparkling, self-deprecating wit. Hey, Moye – catch me at Meet the Film Bloggers on Friday night – I'll pay you afterwards in martinis.
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