SealRumor has it that pop artist Seal has landed a role in Casino Royale opposite brand new Bond, Daniel Craig. According to Moviehole, the deal is all but done to have Seal play a villain named Solari; a character said to be a South African money launderer. This would mark Seal's first major movie role as an actor after providing music for films like Batman Forever ("Kiss by a Rose") and Entrapment ("Lost My Faith"). I'm not sure what to make of this news, seeing as the guy has never been on screen before. I mean, he does have this weird thing on his face and that kind of freaks me out. Maybe if he works that into a mean battle scar, we could have something here. Nothing official has been announced as of yet, but an insider said that, "Seal has auditioned several times for this film and everyone was delighted." Thoughts? Opinions?
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