Quentin TarantinoI was actually going to call this post "Quentin Tarantino is officially creepy," but then I realized that was confirmed a long, long time ago and wasn't really news. It turn out, though, that despite the success of all his Kill Bill action, QT is apparently experiencing a bit of a professional lull. As a result, he's got some time on his hands, and is using that time to hang out with his celebrity homies. First on QT's list is his girl Tyra - you may have heard of her, she hosts a show about fierce wannabe models - whose new talk show needs all the help it can get. To that end, the tall, freakish one has agreed to help out - by judging a "sexy feet" contest. Seriously.

Though Tyra's ad calling for "sexy feet" has mysteriously vanished from Craigslist, the kids at Defamer captured it in full - click below for the sordid evidence. While QT is well known as a connoisseur of feet, one hopes he could have found something better to do than doing something stupid on a talk show that no one watches. I mean, the American Idol appearance was one thing - the dude had a movie coming out, and the whole world watches the damn show. But The Tyra Banks Show? That's just sad.
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