Bits and pieces of news continue to hit the web regarding the comics on screen releases that are upcoming, and we here at Cinematical continue to do our best to keep you apprised of what's going on. Here is the latest in our ever-vigilant effort to keep you informed:

  • At the bottom of an interview with screenwriter Sheldon Turner about his (unfortunate) remake of The Longest Yard, he briefly discusses his screenplay for Magneto. It is going to focus on the younger life of the villian, and what situations and events caused him to develop into the man that he is. If done well, this could be a very enjoyable character piece.
  • Dark Horizons is covering a tabloid Sun rumor regarding costume problems with Brandon Routh'sSuperman. I don't at all wish to get into details, but apparently a source is reporting that a skintight outfit may cause some problems for Routh,who is an...erm, well endowed young man. Digital editing is suggested as a solution, but the movie's people say there was an easier fix. Maybe fix was a bad word choice there...
  • Comics Continuum offers some early looks at Blade the TV series.
  • Finally, actor Bruce Davidson jokingly confirms what everybody already knew- Senator Kelly won't be showing up in X-3, to the sincere disappointment of the actor. "I tried to convince Bryan that I went down a drain, show a shot of water running down a drain so that I could come up out of a bathroom fixture."

[via comic book resource]

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