Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman either has the biggest credit card debts in the history of mankind, hates his family and never wants to see them, or just really, really loves acting. Whatever the reason, the dude has more movies coming out in the next 12 months than the Wilson, Arquette, and Scott families do, combined. Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining (You're talking here to a girl who owns both Someone Like You and Swordfish, for heaven's sake), but you'd think the guy would get tired after his 14th shoot in a row.

Apparently not, however, since Jackman just signed on to star in Fed X, a thriller in which he'll play "a rookie FBI agent who's sent to Miami to babysit a criminal until he goes to court." As often happens in the movies (but never in life - when was the last time you read a heartwarming story about a federal agent bonding with his criminal charge?), Hugh eventually finds out that "there's more to the other than expected," and some sort of excitement results. No info yet on a costar or shooting schedule - but at this point, does Jackman even notice when he switches projects? As far as he knows, he's been working on one really big movie since mid-2003.
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