We discussed Fanflick sequel Free Enterprise 2 not so very long ago, and since then the project has really started moving. Writer/director Robert Meyer Burnett recently told IGN that they hope to go into production as early as spring 06, and would like to see a release date of September 8th. Trekkies will note the significance of this date, as it is the anniversary of the first broadcast of initial Trek episode "The Man Trap." William Shatner is reportedly eagerly awaiting the sequel, and has expressed very direct interest in being involved. The writers are being tight with plot details, but deny rumors of a "Big Fat Geek Wedding" title. They also note that they haven't yet approached Leonard Nimoy, but would love to get him involved.

I continue to be amused by and excited for the concept of a sequel to this fantastically fun fan flick. I'm not even a big Trek buff, but the film had fantastic geek appeal even for the casual fan. And when Shatner is involved, you know you can expect a high level of fun. I just hope they didn't wear out their schtick with the first film, and can bring a strong element of originality to the sequel.

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