Josh HartnettWho knew? While the IMDb indicates that Josh Hartnett has in fact been working very hard, the fact is that ever since his brief, Pearl Harbor-driven run as a Hot Young Thing, the guy has really fallen off of the radar. (Actually, he might be relieved about that - the sooner we all forget he was even in that movie the better.) So, in an apparent effort to gain some street cred, he's accepted a role in Texas Lullaby, an independent film that is the debut feature from Malcolm Venville.

Intriguingly, the movie, which is set in modern-day Texas, is reportedly "loosely based on Hamlet." Hartnett plays the Hamlet role with some pretty impressive acting chops in his parental units: Ellen Barkin is his mother, while John Malkovich (also one of the film's producers) plays his uncle/step-dad. Also in the cast is craggy genius Tom Waits and, though it's not clear from any of the reports about the movie, it seems likely that he plays Hartnett's ghostly, revenge-obsessed father. I wish we had something else from Venville on which to base our expectations about this one, but the combination of the cast and story sound pretty exciting - and the nice thing about these not-yet-underway movies is that it's still safe to be wildly optimistic about them.
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