Horrors of WarAnyone who knows me surely finds it very odd that I post so often about horror movies. For some reason, though I'm psychologically incapable of actually watching them (I found this out very early in life - even The Great Muppet Caper gave me horrible nightmares), I find the ideas behind a lot of horror films fascinating. Hmm. Maybe I need to create my own version of CleanFlicks, except instead of taking out nudity and swearing, I'll remove the scarniess.

So yes, this is another horror film post. This time, it's a indie flick called Horrors of War that's caught my fancy. People, this movie is freaking nuts - it's set late in World War II, when a desperate Hitler "unleashes his secret weapons." What secret weapons, you ask? Oh, you know - just your typical elements of warfare: werewolves, zombies. That sort of thing. That's right, this movie is about Nazi wolfmen and zombies. I mean, how cool is that?! Come on, admit it. You're smiling a little bit at the idea.

The movie, which comes out in February, has been co-directed by Peter John Ross (he's in charge of the werewolf bits) and John Whitney (he does the zombies), which does lead to some concerns about continuity. But remember: Nazi zombies! Who needs continuity?

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