PoseidonOohh, look what decided to sneak its way into a lazy Tuesday night - the Poseidon trailer! Essentially, this is a re-make of the 1972 disaster classic, The Poseidon Adventure. Directed by Wolfgang Peterson, pic tells of what happens when a monstrous tidal wave crashes into a cruise ship, leaving its passengers to fight for survival. Starring Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss and Jacinda Barrett, the trailer itself is pretty intense. Sure, some of the special effects remind me of Titanic, but I'm always down for a great "get off the boat alive" flick. While the online journals for this film have been around awhile, this is our first serious look at what's sure to be a wild way to open up the summer blockbuster season. However, effects aside, will this film even compare to the original? I'm not sure about you, but Kurt Russell doesn't exactly excite me much. What are your thoughts on the film and its trailer? Poseidon is due to hit theaters on May 12th.