Whether you have a unique or a common name, you've searched for it on Google. Anyone who denies it is a liar. Perhaps you're narcissistic; perhaps you're paranoid. Maybe you just want to confirm your uniqueness, or lack thereof, to get an understanding of your place in the world. Whatever your reasons, chances are that you discovered many strangers with the same name as you.

My own name is very common and a search for "Christopher Campbell" introduces me to people from around the globe. There is an opera singer in California. There is a professor of plant systematics at the University of Maine. There is an assistant location manager who worked on Jarhead and Spider-Man 2. There is a former District Councilor in New Zealand facing charges of child pornography. If I search the more gender-ambiguous "Chris Campbell", then I meet even more.

The curiosity ends there. I don't want to meet any of these people who share my name. And I sure don't want to make a film about us all. Grace Lee, on the other hand, did want to meet and document other Grace Lees, and the result is a charming little adventure entitled The Grace Lee Project.

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