tomcruise.jpgMystery author Patricia Cornwall has added her voice to the chorus of Tom Cruise detractors.  Cornwall's crime novels often deal with the psychology of criminals, and as such, she seems to fancy herself some kind of expert on the topics of psychiatry, anti-depressants, and the erratic behavior of celebrities. She wrote a missive on her personal website, calling Cruise a dangerous influence on children who might be tempted to throw off their pharmaceutical shackles. "There are misconceptions about psychology, especially when people out there like Tom Cruise say there's no evidence of chemical imbalance and psychiatric disorders," Cornwall writes. There's going to be some girl or boy who worships this megastar, who decides, 'I'm not going to take my anti-depressants because Tom Cruise said I don't need drugs'." This, of course, stems from comments Cruise made over the summer regarding Brooke Sheilds and post-partum depression and aliens and sham marriages ... well, not really those last two. I'd say we can expect comment from the Cruise camp shortly, but now that the guy has a real publicist, he might just sit this opportunity for embarrasment out.
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